Custom Synthesis & Contract Manufacturing

In today's fast fine chemicals manufacture, you need new intermediates fast, and they are not always readily available. ChangChem has the answers to your company's unique problem. Please send us an e-mail to begin solving your company's problems today! Quality assurance and confidential services from milligrams to metric tons scales.

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ChangChem can make the following reactions:

Acetylation Acylation Alkylation
Alkylation, Reductive Allylic Bromination Allylic Bromination
Amidation Ammonolysis Anhydride Formation
Arylation Asymmetric Synthesis Boc, Cbz, Fmoc Protection
Bromination Centrifugation Chiral Synthesis
Chlorination Chloromethylation Chlorosulfonation
Condensation Continuous Catalytic Reaction Column Purification
Coupling Reaction Cyanation Cyclization
Diazotization Diels-Alder Reaction Distillation
Elimination Enzymatic Reactions Epoxidation
Esterification Etherification Ethoxylation
Ethylation Ethynylation Extraction
Filtration Fischer-Indole Synthesis Fluorination
Formylation Friedel-Crafts Reaction Gomberg-Bachmann Reaction
Grignard Reaction Halogenation Hydrazinolysis Reaction
Hydrogenation Hydrolysis Hydroxylation
Ketone Reactions Methylation Neutralization
Nitration Nitrosation Nucleotide Synthesis
Oxidation Oxo Reactions Oxygen Removal
Pegylation Peptide Neutralization Peptide Synthesis
Phase-transfer Reactions Phosgenation Reduction
Ring Formation Saponification Substitution
Sulfation Sulphonation Suzuki Reaction
Thiocarbonylation Thionation Transesterification
Williamson Reaction Wohl-Ziegler Reaction Wurtz Reaction

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